Friday, January 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby Treat

Tomorrow our Pack is having our Pinewood Derby and we've all been asked to bring a snack to share with everyone and I just so happened to see THIS POST from my new favorite blogger and knew it was perfect for our event!

I was told we have about 20 kids in our Pack and to just plan on making 30-40 treats so I went ahead and made 40 of these sweet treats! I wanted to add a flag to each one but we're pretty much out of printer ink so I gave up on that whole idea!

So, here they are in all their glory! LOL


  1. Wow! You are ambitious! I bet they loved it! Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I saw your post a few days ago and am making them for our Derby on Saturday. Way better than the cup cakes I was going to make and easier too. I found plastic flag picks a the party store and am adding one to each car. I also have a small plastic track that looks like a derby track I am covering with Plastic Wrap and going to line all the Twinkie Cars up instead of a cake box. Thanks again I will see if I can post a picture once they are finished.