Friday, January 29, 2010

Lollipop Cookies & Ice Cream In A Bag...OH MY!

Today I watched 2 of my friend Brenda's kiddos so I wanted to plan something fun for them to do to occupy some of their time. I've been wanting to make the Lollipop Cookies for awhile and also came across the recipe for the Ice Cream In A Bag so viola...our plan for the afternoon! I'm going to do this the lazy way and just let you go HERE to check out the recipe for the Lollipop Cookies. Her pictures are way better than mine but I'll add some of mine to spice up the posting anyways! :)

Next on the list is the ice cream!! Again, go HERE to see the recipe and much better pictures. Can you tell I'm totally in LOVE with Amy and her blog?? She has soooooo many great crafts and recipes and what not. Maybe I could start a blog and do every one of her crafts and blog about it like Julie & Julia! LMBO!!! Totally kidding...maybe! Anyways, here are some of our pictures. We added oreo cookies to one of the bags of ice cream and the boys opted to have crushed candy canes in theirs! Both were DE-LICIOUS!! **SIDE NOTE** Make sure you wear gloves when you are doing this fun little project! We didn't at first and our hands were FREEEEEZING and hurting. The kids gave up and I went and got on a pair of gloves and finished them up!

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  1. Yum! I am now needing me some oreo icecream! My kiddos found it necessary to pull out the gloves as well. Thanks so much for the link. You are too funny! I would love it if you did a re-blog. I would follow for sure :)!