Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfect rainy day dinner!

It was a wonderfully stormy day here on the Oregon Coast and what better way to end the day than with some slow cooker taco chili!  I'll even be nice enough to share the recipe since it was so yummy!
2 lbs. ground beef
2-15oz. cans tomato sauce
2-15oz. cans diced tomatoes with onion & green peppers
2-15oz. cans whole kernel corn
2-15oz. cans chili beans w/ gravy
2 packets taco seasoning

Brown the ground beef on the stove.  Combine beef and everything else (undrained) in the crockpot and cook on High for 3-4 hours.
Top the chili with cheese and enjoy!
To top it all off, my hubby made a DELICIOUS batch of homemade cornbread!  It was a great dinner!

Candy Corn Bracelets

Today we made candy corn bracelets which took awhile to make and a mere 2 seconds for them to inhale!  LOL  I used a push-pin to make holes in the candy (less painful on my fingers than the regular needle I used at first) then thread fishing line through the holes just like you would a regular bead.  Be warned, about half of the candy will break in half as you are pushing the pin through but my hubby was stoked about that!  :)  He got to eat the broken ones! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Messy-Clean Fun

Messy-Clean fun sounds like an oxymoron to me but that's what it is! Shaving cream is a lot like soap so I didn't mind busting some out to let the kids play with! If it got on the carpet it was easy to wipe off and same with the tables and chairs and their clothes...and their bodies (which is indeed where it all ended up)!

Started out with a small amount of shaving cream on the pan w/ some paintbrushes and that lasted for a little while.

Then Keegan came over...

Then we had to pile more shaving cream on to see how big we could get it which led to sticking hands in it! :)

Next was time to add some food coloring...

We had to end playtime with a bang...or should I say a smash?? Keegan (with a little help from me) smashed his face into the mess and loved every second of it! LOL

Bitty couldn't be left out and helped herself to a little face smashing as well! Thankfully she was a little more restrained and just dipped the bottom portion of her face in it!

This lasted for about an hour and the kids had a blast and I was able to relax because it was an easy clean-up! I wasn't worrying so much about if they were getting too wild with it (before the food coloring got added). Taking a mental note to use this on a rainy day when the kids are going stir-crazy inside!

Fun fall projects!

The other day the kids & I went on a walk around our neighborhood, collecting leaves of all shapes and colors and sizes. It was such a gorgeous morning and the perfect opportunity to talk to the kids about how the Lord put so much love and care into putting every detail into His creation, even down to the changing of the seasons, the colors of the leaves and the way they work! I reinforced to them that God loves us so much and cares about every aspect of our lives and how He created us. We are all different colors, different sizes and we all have our own personalities and that's ok because that's how God created us to be! We're all special to God!

After we got home we laid the leaves out on the counters to dry:

Then we used self-sealing laminating pouches (couldn't find contact paper at Walmart or Joann's) and added the leaves: