Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Bomber Jet

The theme for AWANAS this evening is Drive-In Movie Night so the kids are encouraged to make cars or some sort of vehicle out of cardboard boxes. They'll bring them into the church and sit in them while they watch a movie and eat popcorn. This year I was a BAD mom and waited til the last minute to try to find a box. I called Sears and stopped in everyday this week and had no luck so my DH brought a box home from work that is basically JUST big enough for Keegan to sit in but his legs have to be bent a little. Keegan doesn't seem to care so that's fabulous! I asked him what he wanted to make and he decided on a jet! Now, I'm not one of those parents that takes over the project, I like to let him do most of the construction himself and he tells me how he wants me to help him paint it. Last year I was completely shocked at just how many parents were obviously the builders of their kid's vehicles. A lot of them looked as if their kids hadn't helped at all and that's sad to me! I want Keegan to feel proud of his work and know that it was his creation and that I just helped him! So, needless to say, ours is never one of the more elaborate vehicles! LOL

Here's the builder cutting out the shape of the wings and nose of the jet:

Next it's time for what is probably the most fun part...spray painting:

Now this is where mom gets irritated and starts getting snippety. My wonderful and amazing son has a wee bit of problem paying attention sometimes! He gobbed on a bunch of paint and it ended up getting on his shoes and the ground which then led to getting on his pants and under our shoes which led to trails of red paint on the front porch and one angry mother!

I would like to say that I've been fighting a bad headache all morning so I was extra grumpy (poor Keegan) but we managed to get the jet completely painted and crossing my fingers that it will be dry by the time we have to take him to AWANAS at 6:30pm.

Next year I vow to get a big refrigerator box or something and get started on it at least a week before the movie night...hopefully! LOL

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