Friday, February 5, 2010

Here I go again!!

Man-o-man I could just kick myself in the butt! Some of you know that I had started Weight Watchers last summer but after 10 weeks I had to quit going because of money and issues with getting to the meetings while my hubby was at work. Anyways, while I was on WW I ended up losing up to 19lbs at most but sadly, with the holidays and me just giving up, I gained back a lot of weight. In fact, I rejoined WW yesterday and paid for 6 months, so I wouldn't have a reason not to go and when I stepped on the scale, I was ashamed and mortified to see that not only had I gained back all that weight that I had lost, I actually weigh 5 lbs MORE than I weighed when I started WW last summer! YIKES!! Talk about a blow to the esteem! It sucks to have to start all over again and actually have even more weight to lose but I'm going to turn my frustration and disappointment in myself into motivation and determination to stick with it! I have signed up for my first ever gym membership at a local athletic club along with the WW and our homeschool co-op this semester is focusing on health and they've started doing an exercise class for the moms on the days we have co-op (first 3 Fridays of the month). I've also started going to ZUMBA class once a week which is by far my most favorite exercise to do! If you don't know what ZUMBA is, check out THIS youtube video! SO FUN and an amazing workout! Everyone is soaked in sweat halfway through this class!! Totally addicting!

So, as embarrassing as it is, here I go again, reattempting to get healthy! My starting weight is now 259.4lbs *GULP* and my goal is to be at least 175lbs by my 30th birthday (Feb. 2nd, 2011). "They" (whoever they is) says for my height I'm supposed to be around 150lbs but I want to aim for what I weighed in high school and judge from there whether or not I want to try to lose more weight. I want to look healthy, not like a stick!

I'll post my weekly weigh-in results just for more accountability! I had my hubby take a "before" picture yesterday so in a couple months or so, I'll take another picture to see how I'm progressing...that's when I'll share my pics on here!

The parents in our co-op are doing a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge so that's another thing that is holding me accountable and pushing me. I want to kick all their butts! LOL In a lovingly competitive way of course! :) Anyways...I'll keep my blog updated as I venture along this chapter in life!

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