Friday, February 12, 2010

Weigh-In and Valentines

Thursday night was my WW weigh-in from week 1 and I lost 3.8 lbs! Honestly I was hoping for at least 5lbs but sadly, I was a very bad eater on Tues & Wed so it was my own fault! This week I'm going to try very hard to do better and I'm on a mission to workout at least 5 times this week. I was going to go to a ZUMBA instructional class at my gym this evening but was wiped out and not feeling up to it. I am however going there tonight to workout with my friend Alisha. I LOVE ZUMBA!! :O)

Also, it was Valentine Party Day at co-op today so Keegan and I whipped up some Valentines for his classmates. I got the idea from Amy at The Idea Room (could've guessed that probably, if you've read any of my posts lately!) I adore her crafts! Honestly, it was a lot of trial and error and I don't know how many ended up being cooked too long, causing them to turn to pure liquid and although they looked really cool, they wouldn't work for our project so I put them in a ziplock bag to use for baking projects.

Here's Keegan's Valentine box he made last night! In case you's an alien! :)

Well, I better close this, my CRAZY daughter is tearing the house apart! Don't you just love the terrible twos stage?!?! LOL

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