Sunday, February 21, 2010


I may be a little biased here but I personally think I have the best husband on the planet! LOL I got nailed with a horrible migraine yesterday that knocked me on my butt out of nowhere! Praise God that I have my grandmother close by that is all too eager to help me with the kids when I'm sick. I hate asking for help, it's one of those things that is REALLY hard for me to do but with having a migraine and a very loud toddler, they don't mix well together! I called for backup and grandma took the kids for 3 hours so I could try to rest. When hubby got home, he took care of dinner and took the kids out of the house for awhile and by the time he got back and the kids got put to bed, I was so sick of being in my bed or on the couch that I wanted to ignore the dull pain and light-headedness and do something! LOL Now I think Josh enjoys the Cricut almost as much as me but he won't admit it, wouldn't be manly! :O} Anyways, we've been wanting to spend some time together because life has been busy and with me working out in the evenings at the gym, we haven't seen much of each other so we busted the Cricut out, my new cartridges, a new blade and a roll of MAGNET!!! WAHOOOOO! We made 2 cards (see my scrapping blog Christina The Sassy Scrapper) but we also made the adorable magnets in the above picture! They turned out so cute and we all love them! What a great ending to a lousy day!! Now we're off to go on an adventure in the beautiful weather!

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  1. Good thing for grandmas! (I should know...I'm one!) I hope your migranes are under control, so sorry to hear you deal with them. I'm making a couple of those glass magnets...let's see how these turn out. I was looking to see if you posted any tips!

    See you tonight at COTB!
    Blessings, Heidi

    PS Did I mentione Psalm 63:1 to you? "early I will seek You"....mornings with Jesus start the day off best!