Sunday, February 7, 2010

What an awesome day! Beach & crafts!

It was such a GORGEOUS day in Oregon today and my family & I decided that although it was a little chilly, we were going to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and head to the beach! Here are some fun pics to start my post off with:

I've been meaning to get a heart felt wreath made up for my mom for Valentine's Day but haven't had the time. My body needs a break from working out and we have our friend Nordy over and that means I'm banished to my crafting area while hubby & Nordy nerd it up on video games! Really, my crafting area is in the dining room, which is right off the living room so I can still visit with them while I craft and I usually turn music on or a movie. The boys just love listening to my music selection! LOL Anyways, my mom's favorite color is purple so I made her a purple heart:

The other day I bought some tulle from JoAnns and an elastic band so I could make my daughter a tu-tu. She seemed to be more drawn to the bright & sparkly pink so I grabbed a yard of it (note: you need at least 2 yards of tulle for a tu-tu even for a baby...learned that the hard way!) and I'll be going back tomorrow to get some more. I'll grab enough to do at least 2 more I think. I just love it because Tatym is such a girly little girl. She loves to walk around in my heels and wear her purple tu-tu I bought for her while I was preggers and even sport some fairy wings that I got at the dollar store when I was preggers. I hoped she'd like to dress up and be all girly and WOO HOO...she does! Here's a pic of the half-done tu-tu:

Just for fun, I'll toss in some pictures of my little dress up girly! This is dadd's favorite, his baby girl holding the xbox controller and wearing the headset...getting her started young! LOL

Wearing an apron that her great grandma sent for her when she was first born:

Wearing her big brother's swimming goggles! She seriously wore these for about 30 minutes, which included a trip in the van to the swimming pool, hanging out at the pool and a ride home! LOL

Here she is in her tu-tu and fairy wings:

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  1. First of all - going to the beach, great idea! Was it fun? Sounds nice! Yes it the weather has been nice and sunshine-ee :)! Aww, Tatym is so cute! Thanks for the pics!

    That wreath is really neat!!! Your mom will prob. love it!