Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FAITH Glass Block

Here is the glass block that I made this evening:

I bought the block at a local building material store ($7.50) but I have seen them at JoAnn's in Portland and I hear that Michael's carries them from time-to-time. I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl ($9 for 2 rolls of 12x24") lettering and picture. The dot lights I found on clearance at Fred Meyers (around $3) after Valentine's Day. I had to buy a glass drill bit ($28) and my wonderfully awesome husband drilled the hole into the bottom for me!

My friend Sarah has asked about how the Cricut works so I took a few pictures tonight during my vinyl cutting. I didn't want to put all my vinyl onto the sticky mat so I cut a 2x12" strip (my letters were only going to be cut at 1 1/2") and attached it to the edge of the sticky mat.

You put the mat up to the edge of the Cricut and hit the "load paper" button and it pulls it in (like a printer):

Each cartridge comes with a keypad for you to select what picture/letter/shape you want the Cricut to cut and there are buttons to pick sizes and so I typed in all the letters I wanted and the pictures and hit the "cut" button:

It cuts out exactly what you want, in the order you want it then I peeled the vinyl off the sticky mat so I could better get ahold of the letters. I then peeled each letter off the backing so I could stick it to the glass block.

It's intimidating at first and I still don't have it all figured out but I'm still super impressed with the Cricut and LOVE having it for stuff like this! Sarah, I hope that gave you an idea. Here's a link to a video clip of the Cricut's awesomeness:


  1. I LOVE your blog!! You have such great ideas. I loved your bathtub crayons and paint post. I had to make the crayons for myself. So we tried it, and they are fabulous. I thought what a great idea to use molds and have holiday molded soap. These would be a great gift for friends and extended family. We are now looking around for a clover mold to make green clovers to send in our St. Patty's package to our cousins. Thanks again for this fantastic project!!!

  2. Where were you lucky enough to find a RED CRICUT? So jealous!

  3. My amazingly wonderful husband got it for me off of eBay for my Christmas present.