Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Fun!

WOW!! My first thought seeing this sunset is that God is the greatest painter of all! This is the sunset we saw on our way home from a day my family & I went out of town! A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Well, today is Saturday so that means my son, Keegan has a soccer game this afternoon! I just love being a mom and especially being blessed with the honor of getting to stay at home with my kids! My hubby works VERY hard so that I don't have to work, well, I work one day a month but c'mon, that's nothing! Josh (hubby) knows that my biggest passion and desire is to be a homemaker and he works long hours and 6 days a week so that I can stay home! See what I mean, a great husband!

Keegan is in AWANAS and loves it! Since Halloween is coming up (ugghhh...hate Halloween) the theme of next weeks AWANAS is Orange Night so Keegan and I thought it would be fun to decorate an orange shirt to look like a jack-o-lantern. We had bought some iron-ons that had the pumpkin face but long story short, we put them on wrong and instead of ending up on the orange shirt, they ended up on my husband's white shirt that I was using as a barrier when ironing! LOL Of course I have to learn the hard way! Anyways, we bought some orange and black puffy paint and went to town on the shirt! Here are some pictures of the process:
Keegan drew a picture of the way he wanted to face to look and then asked me to paint the outline for him. Here he's started filling in the areas:

I love his concentration faces:

A smile that melts my heart:


I love doing projects with him!!!

Well, I better run and get us all ready for the soccer game!

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