Tuesday, October 27, 2009

25 Ideas to Romance Your Man

Another goody in the book Becoming the Woman of His Dreams by Sharon Janyes is a list about 25 Ways to Romance Your Man...here you go:

1. Put a chocolate kiss in his briefcase.
2. Draw a candlelight bath and invite him to join you.
3. Surprise him in the shower.
4. Warm up his towel in the dryer.
5. Warm up his socks in the microwave.
6. Greet him when he comes out of the shower with a warm towel and a steaming cup of coffee.
7. Watch the sunset together.
8. Eat by candlelight.
9. Take ballroom dance classes.
10. Spray a mist of perfume on his pillow.
11. Place an "I love you" sign in a public place.
12. Write him a love letter.
13. Write him a poem.
14. Write an acrostic of reasons you adore, admire, and appreciate him A-Z.
15. Have a special song.
16. Fax a love note to him at the office.
17. Send him a romantic e-mail.
18. Leave an "I love you" message on his voice mail.
19. Kidnap him for an overnight getaway. (Pick him up at the office. Have his overnight bag packed and kids stowed atay at a friend's.)
20. Celebrate your first date, first kiss, and the day he asked you to marry him.
21. Write him a thank-you note for something specific he did for you.
22. Make a video of your life together using old photographs and your favorite songs.
23. Make a list of 25 reasons why you adore him.
24. Give him a trophy for "Best _____." Trophy shops will engrave anything you like.
25. Give him a full-body massage, telling him what you like about each body part as you move along.

Now aim to do something like this at least once a week, if not once a day for your husband!! It won't hurt, I promise! :) Have fun!!!

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