Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Fun

Sundays are so hard for me! I'm a Jesus loving christian girl married to a man that isn't so sure what he believes and that makes life hard sometimes! I hate going to church without my husband but he doesn't want to go because he says he'd feel like a hypocrit! If he only knew just how many hypocrits fill those seats every week! LOL Anyways, I was planning on going to church today but felt torn because hubby works 6 days a week and only has Sundays off so those are the only days I get to spend an entire day with him. Now don't get me wrong, my ultra wonderful husband is VERY supportive of me going to church and he's very considerate because he knows that my faith and relationship with the Lord is the most important thing in my life. He makes jokes now and again about me being a "bible thumper" but he's never tried to stand in the way of me going to church or bible study or anything like that! He lets me homeschool Keegan because of how strongly I feel about the whole thing, we're involved in a christian homeschool co-op, Keegan goes to AWANAS every Wednesday and we have other faith based things going on all the time. So this battle I feel is strictly within myself. I'm always torn between spending time with my husband and going to church. Thankfully our church has a Wednesday night service so I just drop Keegan off at AWANAS and head to church. Hubby picks Keegan up from AWANAS and then when I'm done at church I come home. So really, I'm at least getting bible study on Mondays at church and then the Wednesday night service as well, along with my daily study at home. The Lord has promised me that Josh will be saved I'm just not sure of when and I really hope it's before the rapture! I'd love to walk together with the Lord even for one day! To pray with my hubby and to study God's Word, that would be amazing!!

Anyways, I decided to skip church to hang with my whole family. Hubby, Keegan & I made some caramel apples while Tatym was napping! YUMMMMMM!!! I think we're going to deliver them to some friends and family and of course eat some ourselves! :) This is the first time I've ever made caramel apples and was nervous about how sticky/messy the caramel would be but to my surprise it wasn't bad at all!

So we begin:

My wonderful assistant, Keegan!

I joke that this is every woman's dream; Hubby doing the dishes and son doing some cooking! Seriously though I feel like these are my jobs but it's nice to have some help once in a great while! I had a hard time letting hubby do the dishes but I think he wanted to bless me so I just helped dry and put away! See what I mean, a GREAT guy!

Keegan & I!! I absolutely LOVE being his mom!!

TA-DA!!! The first batch (the 4 in the back) didn't turn out as well because we were learning as we went along! If you hold the apple and rotate it for awhile so the caramel cools down, all the caramel stays on the apple. We were just dipping then setting down on the pan and all the caramel started slipping down the apple! Oh well, still gonna taste great!!

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