Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We made our annual trip out to the local pumpkin patch and what a gorgeous day it was! The weather was PERFECT (THANK YOU LORD) and the kids had fun! Here are some pics from our special day!!

Tatym ran around hugging the bigger was precious:

Mommy & Keegan:

Hubby & Me:

Mommy & Tatym:

Daddy & Tatym:

It was impossible to get Tatym to hold still long enough to get a good picture of the kids together so this is as good as I got!


  1. Wow lady... you look like a skinny minnie in these pictures! Keep up the great work! Loving the new blog!!

  2. Hi I'm Rose...I posted this on your OTHER BLOG and did not realize at the had this one for more persoanl I copied, edited and pasted it here AGAIN for you and other mom's to read.~~

    I have just by accident ( with God's help) run across your BLOG.~~ This post is about your "Day Out" with your friend...back in September. ~~
    ~~Having been a mother of three little kids under the age of 4...(~ back in the day )...I totally understand how IMPORTANT having a day off from them means...I never had that opportunity, as I had NO family near me when my kids were that young. Nor could I afford a babystitter.
    SO... GOOD FOR YOUR SISTER..and good for YOU that you recognize the NEED for this type of break. ~~Do whatever it takes to do that for yourself... as often as you are is very important for your mental health ( lol) and it benefits the children in the LONG RUN when Mommy is happy and fulfilled. ~~
    I am now ( years later) the GRANDMOTHER of three grown grandkids..but STILL remember the days when my kids were little and I could have REALLY used a day like you had. ~~ ( took me seven years to have a day off...finally.)
    Your children, yourself and your husband make a beautiful family. ~~
    With Love,