Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Minivan Express evening!

Well, long story short, my normally wonderful son, Keegan was a MAJOR B U T T tonight and really put a damper on the whole evening! It started out good and I'm not exactly why/what caused Keegan's evil twin to appear but alls I know is that I wish we could have a do-over! LOL! We started our day by making these cute reindeer cups.

Keegan didn't seem to into it at first but instead of having him start out doing one himself I just asked him to help me with mine. Then he got into it and made his own!

Next, we went to see Santa and that went great! Tatym didn't seem to mind sitting on his lap. Granted, she never smiled and she wouldn't take her eyes off of her daddy but hey, she didn't cry or try to get away from him so that I am thankful for! :)

I remember one year Keegan wouldn't sit on Santa's lap without us so that year was a family shot with Santa with me on Santa's lap, holding Keegan! LOL We came home and watched Polar Express and Keegan really liked it.

After the movie was over (and this is when I think things started to turn south) I said he could play video games. My hubby said he wanted to get the Express going so I had Keegan go get pj's on and I hid the tickets underneath the couch cushions he had been laying on, on the floor. I started popping popcorn and boiling water for hot chocolate or apple cider. When Keegan came out we asked him to clean up the living room and so he found the tickets.

His face lit up when he saw it but for some reason when we told him it was our version of the Polar Express and that we'd be getting in the van and going around looking at lights, his attitude just went to poop! He whined because he wanted to play video games and said he didn't want to go. I tried to keep my cool but after a minute of listening to his horrible attitude I yelled at him for being rude, caring more about stupid video games then spending time with his family. I told him that I put a lot of thought and prep into this and that he was being disrespectful and a spoiled brat. He got grounded from video games which set off his mouthiness. If it wasn't illegal I would have left him home alone and just taken my daughter out with us. I wanted to call it quits but really my hubby & I wanted to go so we went forward with our plans. I let Keegan pick which new mug he wanted (he chose the red) and he seemed to have a brief moment of happiness as we were getting ready to head out:

But it quickly changed again. I handed him his ticket and said the kids couldn't ride without their ticket and he refused to take it and said he didn't want to play. By the time we got in the van I was just fuming, my husband was frustrated and Keegan was in tears! What a fun event, right?! Uggghhhh... Tatym seemed pretty excited and was just chowing away on her popcorn and diggin on having her own big cup of juice!

Even before we got out of the driveway she was already saying, "WOW!" and "WHOA!". Every house we drove past she was all sorts of excited about which totally made things better considering how badly Keegan was behaving! He was ordered to keep his mouth shut unless he was going to change his attitude and treat us nicer so he was pretty quiet other than a few comments about some cool decoration or something. He never really perked up and wouldn't let us take a picture of him

Gotta love strong-willed, stubborn children...right?!?! LOL In the end I know he enjoyed looking at all the cool lights and he ate his popcorn and drank his juice, I think his stubborness is what held him back from coming out of the grumpiness and showing us he was actually happy to be out and doing this! We delivered goodies to friends and family around town and listend to Christmas music the whole time! Even with the rocky start it was a lot of fun and we saw some really decked out houses! I even took a picture of the front of our house with our few decorations. My hubby (love him to bits) is too cheap to really let us go too wild with the outside decorations. Our neighbors have the house lights plugged in at their house (we're in a duplex) so that's pretty much the only reason we have those up and my mom & stepdad made us the cross and it doesn't take much electricity so he allows me to have it up! LOL I'd love to have the whole yard and house and bushes decorated...maybe when we become independently wealthy! :)

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