Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Snowflakes

I finally got off my lazy bum and did some crafts with the kids today! I've been working at my out-of-the-home job more frequently this month and it's thrown me all off. I was introduced to a fantastic blog today:

Confessions of a Homeschooler
And that got the fire lit for me to bust out the supplies and work on some Christmas crafts! Since I have to work tonight I couldn't get started on anything that would take too much time so we opted to make snowflakes!

Keegan had made one in our homeschool co-op and proudly pulled it out for me to see and he had to help me re-learn how to even make one! Let me just say, thank goodness for the internet, they have how-to videos for everything! :)

Here are some of our snowflakes:

Even Tatym got in on the action more as an onlooker but still, she didn't seem to mind!

Here's Keegan proudly showing off his snowflake:

I decided to add glitter to mine (of course!)...you can't ever go wrong with glitter I mean geez! :) Keegan attempted to dress his snowflake up a bit and here is his end product! Glitter glue and googly eyes! LOL

Here are 2 of mine:

This one is my favorite! Keegan drew the star that pointed the way to baby Jesus, some chinese people "because I like karate" (LOL) and Santa on his sleigh with the reindeer!

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  1. Love your snow flakes they turned out great.Tato is as cute as ever being an onlooker.