Thursday, December 24, 2009

C'mon Santa!

Alright, we're ready for Santa to arrive! :) We've been tracking his travels on and my son & I set out a bowl of popcorn in the front yard (for the reindeer, of course), a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, along with a note from Keegan! We said our goodbyes to the Elves in our tree and the kids are all tucked into bed in their new Christmas Eve pj's!

We've had an exciting Christmas season filled with fun activities and lots of great memories! The elves came and did their nightly pooping and playing and Keegan enjoyed looking for them on the tree!

Here the whole family is on the hunt to try to spot an elf:

Gotta love the "poop" trails! Keegan cracked up that they pooped on his jacket!

Here are the kids in their new pj's! We only let them open one present from us on Christmas Eve and it's always new pj's. They don't have to be Christmas-y pj's but just new! Keegan was really stoked about his guitar pj's and Tatym seemed to really like her snowman pj's!

This year I gave away some Snowman Soup (so cute, simple and fun)! Here'a the note that was attached to the bags:

Here's the completed bag:

The package includes 1 packet of hot cocoa, a little baggie of mini marshmallows, a peppermint stick and 3 hershey's kisses:

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I'm sad that it's almost over but yet excited for a new year to begin! I've got lots of plans and hopes for the upcoming year but as we know, the Lord is in control and I'm all for that! If my plans don't fit His will then I'm ok with that! He knows far better than I do, what's best for me and my family! So Merry Christmas and bring on 2010!

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