Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Minivan Express

(Here are our tickets, ready and hiding in my craft cupboard!)
The other day my friend Denise let us in on a cool new tradition to start with our families! She saw this posting on Confessions of a Homeschooler about doing a Minivan Express...our version of The Polar Express! I've already printed off the golden tickets (printed on picture paper to give it more of a glossy look) and have talked to my hubby about it. We're going to rent The Polar Express movie and sit down for a family movie night. We're not going to tell Keegan (Tatym is too little to understand anyways) what's in store for him, we're just gonna let him think it's any ol' regular family movie night. After the movie we'll have him shower and get ready for bed. While he's in the shower I'll slip the golden ticket in his bed and get the van warmed up, popcorn popped and hot cocoa ready. I want to print out a map of our town and highlight the areas we're going to go check out so Keegan can mark them off or help be our tour guide! :) He always likes telling us how to get places, which roads to turn on and what not! Every year we go look at lights anyways but this will just be a more fun way to do it! I LOVE starting new traditions with my family and this will fit in perfectly!! I'm pretty sure we're doing all this Sunday night and definitely pictures will follow and a report on how it went!

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