Friday, March 19, 2010

Wanna know how nerdy I am???

Yep, I'm THIS nerdy:

This is my handy dandy way of organizing my coupons! LOL I previously just had a regular 3-ring binder but several bloggers said it's pretty inevitable that you'll drop your binder and things will go flyin here, there and everywhere so I broke down and bought a zip-up binder! NERD NERD NERD!! It is almost impossible to find a cute zip-up binder but I think this one isn't too bad. Found it at Fred Meyers this morning.

This first zipper section has files which I'm labelling with the stores around town that I shop at. I keep their weekly ads in their labelled area and this makes it easy for me to cross-reference sales and what not!

This is the pocket on the inside where I keep my pens, shopping list, special coupons that I want to make sure I don't miss (the $10 KMart coupon that I'm so excited about) and my catalinas.

This pocket insert is where I keep my scissors and doubler coupons. You can also see that I have dividers labelled with different areas in the stores like beverages, snacks, baking, health & body, household, canned goods, etc.

I bought baseball card pockets to organize my coupons. I can easily see what I have coupons for and try to fold them (if they need folded) in a way that I can easily see the expiration date but that isn't always possible). In the very back I have page protectors where I put my JoAnns ads, various stores coupon policies and misc. stuff.

So there ya have it, if there were ever any question as to how big of a nerd I am, these pictures prove it!! LOL I'm going to be "that lady" and the shame my poor kids will have to endure! I'm sure I'm going to scar them for life! Hee hee Oh that reminds me, I need to put a calculator in there...well, I'm off to find my pink calculator, have a happy Friday! :)

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  1. That is awesome. Nerds save money! Yea for nerds. I am one too;)