Monday, March 22, 2010


First off, you gotta check out Emily's Not So Idle Hands blog and see where I got my inspiration! Here is the project she shared that I just had to give a try! I've never used etching cream before but thought it would be a fun project idea to use for gifts. Come to find out...I'm gonna need some more practice! LOL Here is my first try:

I bought a vase awhile back for this very type of thing. I wanted to etch a "C" on it for my mom-in-law and after I practiced on the frappucino glass, I thought I could handle the vase. The bummer is that I used chipboard and there was just enough space that some of the etching cream went underneath so it looks sloppier than I'm ok with. Turns out I'll be keeping this vase and using it to hold my glittery pens! :)

On another note, my baby girl's 2nd birthday is fast approaching. Ok, ok, it really isn't until July but as I learned last year, it sneaks up on me and catches me when I least expect it! :) This year I vowed to get a jump start so that I could do more of the handmade decorations that I've done in the past for my son. A friend of mine that I went to high school with has an older sister that makes AMAZING buttons. You HAVE to check out her blog
The Button Shop. Tessa is amazingly fabulous and I drool over her work on a regular basis. Well, she made a set of buttons that became the inspiration for Tatym's birthday party theme, which is Little Birdies. After I saw this set I asked her to make a set for me as well and she totally did! I am beyond in love with them! Check these out:

Aren't they fabulously amazing?!? The big buttons are the size of quarters and the small buttons are the size of dimes. I plan on using them when I make Tatym's birthday scrapbook page and maybe use them on a birthday tutu as well! Tonight I sat down to start making the birthday party invitations and this is what I came up with:

As Tatym's birthday gets closer and we settle on a party date and time then I'll fill in the rest of the information. I made 3 invites tonight and each one is a little bit different, that's the fun of handmaking them, no two are exactly alike!

Well, it's after 1am and I should be getting to bed. My aunt and 2 younger cousins are coming to town for the week and we have lots of fun things planned, a picnic at the park, a day at the beach, a tour of an old style merchant ship and maybe a trip to a farm to watch the birth of fun fun!!! Have a great spring break!!

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