Thursday, July 8, 2010


Some friends of ours have a food fight every summer and this is the first year we were able to make it out there and let me just say what a blast it was! We started out having a bbq at the house and then walked down to the lower field where they have their garden area. All the food is tilled into the ground to help fertilize so it's not a complete waste!
The kids running to the field, chanting, "FOOD FIGHT, FOOD FIGHT":

The food fight barely started and Keegan got plastered with butterscotch pudding! LOL

My friend Dea got Tatym with red jello! She didn't think it was too funny! LOL

Keegan had a blast and was picking food out of his ears the next morning! :)

Checking out her messy dress:

Showing me the mess LOL:

After the food fight the kids jumped into the pond to rinse off!

It was so much fun! Maybe next year I'll put the camera down and join in...maybe! LOL

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