Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Completing Him Challenge!!

I recently discovered a new blogger that I just LOVE! Her name is Courtney and she seems like an amazing christian woman and she has youtube videos that she posts about being a christian wife and they are so encouraging and motivating! Anyways, check out her blog: Women Living Well, you'll be glad you did!

So as I was browsing around her blog I saw the Completing Him Challenge and knew I wanted to jump on the bandwagon! I've recently started a book study with a group of friends using the book Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl and along with that I've been posting the daily dares from the book, The Love Dare (seen in the movie Fireproof) on my Facebook page. So this weekly challenge totally goes with what I've been working on. My passion and heart is for women's ministry, particularly involving being christian wives and mothers so I can never get enough of this stuff!

Mind you, this challenge is running from June 7th-Aug. 9th so I'm a little late in the game but you know, it's never too late to start working on being a better wife to your husband! So late or not, I'm jumping in! :) Week one says to post that I'm joining in the challenge so here I am! Here is a vido of Courtney explaining about the challenge:

I really hope some of you feel led to join in as well!!

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