Saturday, June 5, 2010

Go A's!!

Well, today marks the end of my son's baseball season! Today was Jamboree day which consisted of us having to be at the field by 7:45am where Keegan's team played 3 mini games over the span of 4 hours! Praise the Lord, He blessed us with sunshine which is a very welcome change to the massive amounts of rain we've been getting! On a side note, who in the world thought of giving baseball players, especially young players, white pants??? Obviously someone that didn't have to try to keep those things looking clean! LOL It's been a LONG day and thankfully it's nap time for the wee one and I'm getting us packed up to go see my sister, to celebrate her birthday!

Thought I'd share the little treat I made for the BBQ today, yellow & green cupcakes (team colors):

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  1. Awesome! Did Keegan have fun? How was your sister's b-day?