Monday, June 14, 2010

A first for Keegan!

I wasn't sure what today's "special plan" was going to be and the day got away from me pretty fast! I was just going to have us play board games or something but then we decided we wanted to order Little Caesars for dinner and then the idea got brought up that we should call my sister-in-law, who happens to work for Yellow Cab Taxi. Keegan was BEGGING to take a ride in her taxi so that became the fun plan for the evening! LOL Keegan seriously was squealing with excitement and bouncing off the walls while we were waiting for Jessie to come and pick him up! He was even sitting on the window ledge, staring out at the driveway and he kept checking his watch to see how long it'd been!

At last, Jessie arrived and Keegan booked it out the door! Of course I had to take a million pictures to commemorate this special occasion! LOL Keegan's first taxi ride! :)

Today I also ordered Keegan a Snuggie that he's been begging for for months. I joked with my husband that we're raising the next generation of white trash...a kid that gets excited about taxi rides and Snuggies! LOL Oh and sorry for the funky picture coloring, I didn't realize it until later that I had the setting all wrong on the camera!

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  1. How fun! It's funny what gets kids psyched, huh? Like taxi rides (and snuggies) :)!