Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Passion/Holy Week!!!

As you may know, it's Holy Week (or Passion Week, whatever you want to call it) and this year the Lord has really put it on my heart to study the way Jesus spent His last week before the Resurrection!  Thankfully my awesomely, awesome friend, Heidi (who happens to be a fellow blogger at: Everyday-Cookies) shared her study of Jesus' last week from last year and I've really been enjoying it!  I can't get enough of it and my notebook is getting crammed full of all my notes!  I've had fun sharing with my kids too!  I never really realized the importance or significance of Palm Sunday and Good Friday and the rest of the week.  The focus has always been on Easter day.  So sharing with the kids about all the things Jesus did has been such a blessing! 
On Sunday the kids & I went to church in the morning and then just enjoyed a mellow family day at home with my hubby!  We worked on Palm Sunday crafts (see picture below)!  We colored palm trees, donkeys and palm branches and talked about what they all signified! 

On Monday we learned that Jesus spent the day inside the temple, throwing tables over of the people selling things and ripping people off and then healed the sick & the lame.  We also learned about the curse of the fig tree.  We talked about how Jesus is the "Bread of Life" and made dough for Braided Easter Bread .  (Click the name to be taken to the recipe.)  I was having issues with the dough rising...ummm, it wouldn't rise!  LOL  I kept it overnight and it finally rose a little bit so I figured we'd bake it anyway and see how it turned out.  The kids had fun dyeing the eggs and braiding the bread.

This was SO yummy!!!  We all loved it!!

How are you spending this special week?

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