Friday, December 10, 2010

Clay Ornaments

My hubby made this family ornament for us this year!  He made one back in 2002 when our middle son was just a newborn so we needed an updated one with little Ms. Bitty on there!  I think it turned out cute!

I made these using white pearl sculpey clay and the blue is a pearl as well.  The red has glitter in it but is a different brand and the green & yellow are just plain colors.  I then used a sharpie marker to write on it after they had been baked and cooled.

My son, Keegan made this!  Such imagination!  It's a snowman throwing a snowball, standing behind a brick wall that has a splattered snowball on it and his pile of snowballs next to him!  LOVE IT!

He said the gingerbread man was Gingie from Shrek!  :)  And then he wanted to make a star ornament like mine!  So cute!

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